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MN 150
(pozri - Winberg_s) (pozri - pygmaea) (pozri - pygmaea_s) (pozri - haagei) (pozri - haagei_s) (pozri - nazarenoensis)
(pozri - Santa Ana) (pozri - Caspalá)

coll.: Mats Winberg, Argentína, prov. Jujuy, Santa Ana - Caspalá, 3800m (MN list)

Rebutia pygmaea.....(MN list 1997)
Rebutia pygmaea ´haagei´.....(dat. Winberg 1999)
Mediolobivia pygmaea.....(hort., dat. C-Babula 2007)
Mediolobivia pygmaea var. nazarenoensis.....(hort., dat. Hillmann 2009);
Mediolobivia pygmaea var.....(hort., dat. Fischer 2011)

adnot.: MN list (1986-1993) 1997 - (dat. & loc.);
sign.: (SS 97 - 2002) - svetlé otrnenie, lososovo-ružové kvety;   (SS 99-2000 R) - bohato kvitne, bledo lososové kvety;
foto 1.: Mats Winberg, 1999 -
(Rebutia pygmaea MN 150); "Flowering plant in habitat, growing deep into the soil. The plant is ca 15 mm broad, the flowers ca 30 mm in diameter. This form of R. pygmaea is often labeled R. haagei - to me a synonym to the variable R. pygmaea."
foto 2.: M. Winberg, 2000 -
(Rebutia pygmaea MN 150);
foto 3.: D. Vicente Bueno Ripoll, 2006 - (Galería del Socio IV-IV >> find item)
(Rebutia pygmaea MN 150);.....V prilohe - Bueno @/ Rebutia_M_pygmaea_MN150_01.jpg
merc. SuccSeed: SS 97-M959, SS 98-M1049, SS 99-M1115, SS 2001 S-M1063, SS 2002 S-1140 (Rebutia pygmaea MN 150, Santa Ana-Caspalá, Arg) light spines, salmon-pink flower;  SS 99 R (Rebutia pygmaea  MN 150) free flowering, pale salmon fl.;
merc. Cactus-Babula: CB 2007 R (Mediolobivia pygmaea MN150);
merc. Hillmann: RH 2009 DIV S (M. pygmaea v. nazarenoensis MN 150);
merc. Fischer: LF 2011 S-259ME (M. pygmaea v. MN150 Santa Ana 3800m červený kv.) > ident.?;

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