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Occurence of the name "solisioides":

nom.: [solísio-ídes], according to visage, lat. solisioides - similar of genus Solisia
adnot.: Knize's R. solisioides n. n. (Říha pub. solisoides n. n.) being identified in some publications with the described R. heliosa var. condorensis Donald, although there're present characteristic differences. New RH's, SL's finds were brought from near localities also - all in the area cca.3 x 5km, till.


  • Sulcorebutia solisioides Knize n. n......(see - KK 1838 as 'solisoides')
  • Sulcorebutia sucrensis f. solisioides.....(see - S. sucrensis Knize n. n., non sucrensis Ritt. n. n., see - KK 1838,)
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