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MN 106a
(pozri - Winberg_s) (pozri - einsteinii_s) (pozri - einsteinii)
(pozri - Las Cuevas)

coll.: Mats Winberg, 1990, Argentína, Salta, Las Cuevas, 3600m (MN, Qda del Toro)

Rebutia einsteinii.....(MN list 1997 / SuccSeed 1999, 2002)

adnot.: MN list (1986-1993) 1997 - neobsahuje;  R. Martin, FND (dat. - R. einsteinii, loc. =MN list);
sign.: (SS 1999) - foto MN 106a, (SS 2016) - iba text bez foto;
foto 1.: Mats Winberg, 1999 - (mn106a.jpg)
(Rebutia einsteinii );.....V prílohe - Winberg99 @/ mn106a.jpg
foto 1. M. Winberg, 2002 -
foto 1. M. Winberg, 2016 -
Comment.: (M. Winberg , toro.htm, Quebrada del Toro, Dec. 1990) - "Some 30 kilometres south of San Antonio, at 3600 metres, there is a small hamlet called Las Cuevas consisting of only a few houses. In the surrounding mountains I found large Lobivia chrysantha (cushions to 20 cm broad) and some beautiful Rebutia einsteinii <foto 1.> with spines from long and black to short and brown.". Iné einsteinii od Las Cuevas pozri - MN 100 a MN 103.
foto 2.: Winberg, 1999 -
(Rebutia einsteinii MN 106);......V prilohe - Winberg @/ MN106a.jpg
Comment.: (M.W.) - "A smaller and brown spined form from the high mountains around Las Cuevas in Quebrada del Toro, Argentina."
merc. SuccSeed: (v katalógoch iba forma MN 106 so sírovoľltým kvetom)

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